The school year is divided academically into 3 terms that begin in the 2nd week of August and end in mid-June the following year.

Enrollment with St. George's is allowed at any time during the academic year for children who have reached the entry age for a particular class and providing the maximum class size is not exceeded. The table shows the age that must be reached during the academic year which starts effectively on 1st August.

Table: Required age for enrollment
*) Entry to Year 11 welcomed on sufficient demand.
YEAR 1 6
YEAR 2 7
YEAR 3 8
YEAR 4 9
YEAR 5 10
YEAR 6 11
YEAR 7 12
YEAR 8 13
YEAR 9 14
YEAR 10 15
YEAR 11* 16

Exceptions to the above age requirement are possible when there is no reasonable doubt it will be of benefit to the child. In such a case the School management and the child's parents must agree.

Further requirements

At registration the following items are required:

  • Passport including residence visa or copy of Khmer Family Book
  • Birth certificate - for Khmer nationals
  • 2 photos of the child being enrolled
  • 2 photos of each parent and of any other adult allowed to collect the child from school
  • School report from previous school - if applicable
  • Vaccination records/information
  • Registration fee

St. George's is open to children of all nationalities and for those whose native language is not English an assessment will be made to determine their English language proficiency and suitability for the class desired. Children who require additional English language tuition to that which is already integrated in the curriculum will be advised to join one of St. George's intensive training classes in the Language School in addition to the main Primary School programme. An additional fee may apply.

Note 1: In the event that we feel unable to provide the environment needed for a child's special needs this will be subject to discussion between parent(s) and the School management.

Note 2: Original documents will be copied and returned to parents.

Registration Form

If you are ready to register your child, please download and complete the registration form below.

Registration form