Our Aims and Objectives

Our main objective is to build up the name of St. George’s International School [SGIS] upon its chosen educational programme while instilling in our pupils the necessary confidence in themselves and in their abilities to achieve worthy learning goals that are set by their teachers in an equal opportunity environment for local children alongside "western" children of the expat community.  This being our way to ensure we become Siem Reap's foremost educational establishment for children and youth.

This will be done while ensuring that internationally accepted academic and safety standards are met by providing children of all backgrounds with a safe and healthy environment for their physical and moral well being in which class-sizes do not exceed 18-20 pupils. In SGIS social and life skills will play an important role and parents can be assured their children are in capable, caring hands.

Attention will be given to resourcing our classes with internationally sourced books to optimally support development of children's knowledge and understanding while under the guidance of professional expatriate teachers.

Our library will be continually stocked with additional books for our pupils to further their reading and comprehension abilities with enjoyable fiction and non-fiction books covering subjects that lie both inside and outside their formal curriculum.

Parent involvement through our Parent - Teacher Association (PTA) forum is encouraged to enable the discussion of issues that are important for them.  This is to promote a positive school campus environment and to build a good relationship between parents, teachers and management. Parents willing to act as representatives are invited to make themselves known in order to build up the initial programme for the PTA and will be early on our agenda this academic year.

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational programme selected and will be prepared to directly or indirectly support the ongoing curricular content.


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