About St. George's

St. George’s International School (SGIS) was established in 2014 to answer the call for a school with high educational standards that will exceed the requirements for accreditation by some of the respected international schools’ authorities.

It is not an easy choice in the Cambodian educational environment to make the best decision regarding a school for your child(ren) however, we ask parents, both Khmer and Expat, to consider entrusting SGIS with this responsibility as we provide an exceptionally effective learning and caring environment that will benefit your children’s development and in which all management and local staff have several years of experience working in internationally accredited schools.


SGIS provides an educational programme by which its students are encouraged to become creative independent thinkers who go on in life caring about others while always improving themselves and providing benefit later to the surrounding global communities. Cultural understanding and appreciation of others’ interests and talents is also a cornerstone of the character building we strive to impart on our students.

They will become proficient users of spoken and written English for social and academic purposes and for self-expression, communicating effectively and clearly, verbally and in writing, and be able to represent information and ideas visually.

Our Programme 

Pupils from Pre-school through Primary and Middle School are taught the UK National Curriculum while the Secondary classes will be prepared for the Cambridge IGCSE programme. Our pupils are challenged to realise their potential and encouraged to become self critical thinkers as part of their learning process while particular emphasis is given at SGIS to stimulate the development of healthy inter-social skills.

The Secondary programme is geared to ensuring that all students are given the basic tools and knowledge to prepare for their IGCSE programme readiness in recommended subjects by completion of Year 9 with the Cambridge IGCSE programme in Upper Secondary focussed on preparing our students for examinations taking place in Year 11 or 12.

SGIS’s teachers are native English speakers from countries where English is the national language and are fully qualified with at least a first degree in Education or a related discipline with additional pedagogic training certification.

Our Cambodian teaching assistants have an average of at least 4 years experience training and working together in the international school environment and their command of English gained during this time enables them to support our foreign teachers and the students effectively.

In addition to being a full programme English language school we are culturally sensitive to the needs of our students of Cambodian nationality and have achieved a licence from the Cambodian Ministry of Education to provide the Khmer National curriculum from 2:30pm daily and on Saturdays for students wanting to ensure their education in the local language and culture is at least as good as that available in Cambodian state schools.

Our classrooms are all equipped with air conditioning and up-to-date IT facilities are provided for students and staff.

The school campus is purpose built and is growing as necessary with infrastructure being added as student numbers increase.  SGIS lies within easy reach of central Siem Reap [refer to Google Maps on the Contact Page].

We, as a team, will be honoured to provide your children the full educational programme as offered so we can prepare your children with the foundation for a life of learning!